Auctioned To The Billionaire Bosses: The Complete Serial

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Things just happened so fast with these two billionaire playboys…

Sam & Dirk…

Sam and I co-founded the highly successful company Crane-Tech.

We have worked many long hours, built our company from the ground up and are now in the enviable position to have or buy essentially anything we want.

And Mady. Well, Mady is everything a man could want in a woman.


Dirk and Sam.

So different but in many ways similar.

Just when I thought Dirk was someone I could see myself with Sam comes along.

These things are never easy.

Bidding wars, having to choose or not and deciding who I trust enough to share my biggest secret with…

Complete, three-part menage serial romance chock-full of steamy scenes that feature two playboy billionaires and one curvy woman. To celebrate this new release, for a limited time, this flirty and fun edition of Auctioned To The Billionaire Bosses also features a number of stand-alone stories in different genres as a free special bonus. Happy Reading!

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