Awakening: The Chronicles of Formation – Volume I

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What do you do when you awaken to the reality that you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing? And you’re the sole provider for your family? And you’ve got kids, one with extraordinary needs?

“Awakening”, the first volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, captures the challenges of a perfectionistic, image conscious, and controlling career woman who carries the haunting pain of a crushingly painful father relationship, and the daily awareness of God’s extraordinary love for her through her special needs daughter.

About the Series

Imagine spending decades driving toward success, enjoying all the goodies along the way, only to one day realize “This isn’t it.” The Chronicles of Formation is a series of four books capturing the sometimes inconvenient and often humorous journey of a woman awakening to God’s call, leaving an entangling life, following after Him, and abiding in the relationship.

Originally written as a series of blog posts, each chapter has been revised to make for a gripping read that will feed your soul and remind you that you’re not alone.

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