Blackbelt Tightwad: Frugal Ninjutsu for the Fearless

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Are you tired of books on frugal living that give the same, lame advice? Have you tried all the obvious cost cutting measures, but still need to trim more from your budget? Are you ready to take more extreme measures to slash expenses? If so, this is the book for you. The Blackbelt Tightwad takes frugality to the next level with unconventional advice on saving money. Starting with a chapter on frugal skills and ending with “treasure hunting,” this book runs the gamut of frugal living. Implement these tips and earn your own tightwad blackbelt.

This is the Kindle version of Blackbelt Tightwad: Frugal Ninjutsu for the Fearless that you can also download and read on your computer and mobile phone. Kindle books are DRM protected and therefore, unlike ebooks that are in PDF or ePUB format, you cannot read this ebook without the official Kindle apps.