The Bonds of Blood (Revenant Wyrd Book 1)

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Legends are born, and legends die….

In the magical lands of the Great Realms Jovian and Angelica Neferis have only had a life of comfort. They have a strong bond with their sisters Joya and Amber, a loving father, and a wealthy plantation to support them. When a series of dark visions, attacks, and ghostly encounters culminate in Amber’s abduction, their comfortable life is thrown into chaos. Accompanied by their tutor, Grace, the siblings set out in dangerous pursuit across the mystical Great Realms to find Amber. But an ancient darkness is on the rise, one that threatens the safety of their family and the hope of ever seeing Amber alive again. Packed full of magic, elves, and fae, The Bonds of Blood weaves elements of great fantasy books into an epic sword and sorcery adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

˃˃˃ How did you get into fantasy?

I didn’t always love reading high fantasy series. I mean, my favorite book growing up (and to this day) is A Wrinkle in Time, but I didn’t have a love for reading at all. When I reached the seventh grade we had to read books. She didn’t care what books we read, they could be mystery, they could be horror, they could have epic fantasy elves in them. She didn’t care. The teacher had a lot of sword and sorcery novels in her classroom library, and once I found those, I was hooked. Oh, and did I mention the perk: dark fantasy free? I may have mentioned that.

˃˃˃ Who should read this book?

I know a lot of adults read young adult, and that’s awesome. I never pictured my high fantasy series for teens, but it works out just as well. There’s nothing too graphic in my book, and while there’s a tiny bit of swearing, I’ve read much worse. The real audience I was going for are those women out there who love dark fantasy and those awesome, epic fantasy elves. I find I have a lot in common with women my age, and my characters are typically of the female variety and just starting out in life, so that works. Honestly, these books could work for anyone, that’s why my sword and sorcery novels so inexpensive, so anyone can grab it and see if it fits for them.

˃˃˃ Are there any authors who’ve shaped your writing?

Oh yea, those high fantasy series I mentioned? They were David Eddings, Mercedes Lackey, and the Dragonlance series. I got lost in those pages, reading of wizards, and epic fantasy elves as well as all the magic and monsters! Mercedes Lackey really helped me through my teen years, struggling to accept myself as a young gay man. If it wasn’t for her works, things might have been very different for me. I found her just when I needed to. I also had a friend who loved fantasy so, once again I got a lot of sword and sorcery novels free!


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