Bone Dust: A Medical Thriller (The Gina Mazzio Series Book 5)

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This is the FIFTH fast-paced MEDICAL THRILLER in The Gina Mazzio RN Series


Is it possible to get so busy you don’t notice a stalker? Yes, especially in the middle of a deadly flu epidemic where everyone’s focus is on saving people, not looking over their shoulders.

Then a fellow nurse gets murdered.

Even in the middle of a break-up with a long-time boy friend, and the chaos of the epidemic, there’s no ignoring Gina Mazzio’s friend’s death. And that nurse isn’t the only one—patients are dying, and not from the flu.

In a Gina Mazzio medical thriller, it’s never just a thriller; or even just a hospital thriller. It’s likely to be a conspiracy, a kidnapping, something really big.

In Bone Dust, Gina herself is being targeted by the murderer, and her estranged love, Harry Lucke, is now also the target of her vicious ex-husband. As if that weren’t enough, even nurses aren’t immune from the flu—Gina gets it while having to deal with not only a murderer, but the mysterious hospital flu deaths.

These authors really know how to amp it up! They make you see things that’ll keep you awake—as if your pounding heart isn’t enough.

For fans of hard-boiled medical crime and suspense. As well as lovers of, strong women sleuths, hospital mysteries, and all medical fiction, especially fans of Tess Gerritsen, Carolyn McCray, Eileen Dreyer, Lisa Genova and Robin Cook. It will delight devotees of Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs as well!

Praise for the Lambs.

“BONE DRY … a medical thriller not for the squeamish.”

–Publishers Weekly

“J. J. Lamb and Bette Golden Lamb are terrific writers of exciting stories.”

–Gayle Lynds, author of The Book of Spies

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