Briette (The Nine Princesses Book 4)

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What kind of girl doesn’t want to be a princess?

Briette never asked for any of this. She wasn’t meant to be a princess. She refuses to wear a crown, doesn’t care for fancy dresses, and going to balls is a punishment. If she hadn’t been adopted by the king, none of this would have happened.

Then she discovers that the Duke of Merridell is in need of a chambermaid. And though it seems crazy, Briette decides to disguise herself as a servant and take the position. It will give her a chance to try life as a commoner, a life where she can be invisible. She doesn’t tell a single soul, not even her eight sisters.

But as Briette adjusts to heavy chores, rude remarks, and prickly straw beds, she is shocked to learn that someone else is working undercover. And his plans are much more sinister. Furthermore, she is troubled by a haunting dream that seems to come from her childhood. All Briette wanted was a vacation from being a princess. But if she doesn’t act soon, she may never be a princess again.

The Nine Princesses is a series that chronicles the adventures of an unconventional family of princesses, the struggles they face in a kingdom often hostile to their humble origins, and the day-to-day dramas of nine young women whose personalities often clash like swords. Fans of Gail Carson Levine and Shannon Hale would enjoy these princess novels.

Book Description

  • Length: 260 pages
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
  • Mood: Light/Heartwarming/Funny
  • Content: Moderate violence. No sex. A few sexual references.
  • Audience: Anyone who enjoys fairy tale retellings or a nice princess book.

˃˃˃ Read an Excerpt:

Briette was expected to change here. Bashfully, she turned to pull off her dress and surcoat. Her cotton underdress looked starkly white against Alonda’s. Stooping, she pushed her clothes into the satchel, careful not to reveal the yellow princess gown inside. She would have to dispose of that later.

When she stood, Alonda had rolled into bed, taking the side nearest the wall. Briette stared at the empty strip beside her and suddenly knew what it meant.

Briette did not have her own chamber. She was expected to sleep with Alonda.

How fortunate Alonda faced the wall and could not see the horror that crossed Briette’s face. She had a wild urge to flee the spot, abandon this ludicrous venture. Alonda was a stranger. The bed looked scarcely wide enough for two; Briette could not lie there without some part of her body touching Alonda’s. It was repulsive, unnatural, absurd.

Briette washed her face slowly, her teeth clamped in determination. She had known there would be adjustments. She just hadn’t expected one to come so instantaneously.

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