Broken, But Now Healed

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When I look back over my life I know that it was God who kept me. He saved my soul from hell fire and brimstone. He saved my soul from….me.

His hand of protection over my life is why I escaped the enemy’s plans to destroy me. The way I lived before I truly accepted Christ in my life left me open and vulnerable to rape, contracting AIDS, or possibly being found dead in a ditch….but GOD!!!

I was an alcoholic who led a very promiscuous life. My drinking had gotten so bad that I was drinking in the workplace. I would throw myself at men and sleep with them, whether I knew them or not. At least 90% of the men I slept with, I did without protection. I’ve had two tumultuous marriages. I felt unfulfilled and alone. I was tired of everyone and everything.

But God saw the best in me – He spared me. I didn’t know why back then but I do now…

It’s because I have a God given purpose – just like you! You may have given up on yourself, but God has not and will not give up on you. I pray that while you are reading my story that you allow God to saturate you with His love and He heals you from all of your past hurts, and that He delivers you from whatever you’re fighting. So, you too can declare you were….


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