Burke’s Law: A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male

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This book is what genius really is. Paul Burke lived, breathed, ate, sweated, and lifted weights and built his body from the time he was twelve years old and continues to do so today at 49 (at this KDP, 60 years old). Looking at least a decade younger, with a physique that many have said, “would make Arnold take notice,” Burke has brought his world famous knowledge to the table in a complete script that involves everything from how you, the middle-aged man, can not only look your best, but do it without drugs, without injury, without gimmicks; just by following a guide set out for you to design your own routine according to your muscular-skeletal structure, your metabolism, your genetics and the test of physical and mental spirit.

a. This is a book designed to walk you through the steps of weight training history; showing you along the way how, what Burke calls, “The Old Paradigm” has been taken and passed along for decades and continues to plague men to this day so as to make it nearly impossible for them to make health and fitness progress. He takes the weight training and fitness field and says, “no” to hours and hours in the gym, “no” to using drugs to enhance the body, “no” to strict “diets,” “no” to all that we know to be “the way”; and he turns it upside down, shakes it up and comes up with a plan that he guarantees any man can make a phenomenal physique at any age with no more than five hours a week of exercise; with an abundance of good and easy to purchase food and a new specialized training method that accounts for each individual’s subtle joint differences and, what he calls, finding your own “bio-mechanical leverage advantages” and sticking with them until form of these exercises is so perfect for each person’s body that all they have to do is maximize their potential by enhancing their anaerobic capacity by training a specifically designed way that Burke lays out in simple terms.

b. Then, he takes you through the advent of plant and animal domestication; tells you how it ruined the course of natural human evolution and from this, he deduces, that only certain foods can be eaten in order to stabilize insulin and other vital hormones; while telling you how much and what to eat according to your lean muscle mass.

c. Burke also teaches you how to slow the aging process down. He does this by explaining the evolution of man and how we differ from our Paleolithic ancestors and how we might get back to being muscular and lean all the way through your life without any secrets other than good sound nutrition; some very interesting supplements and utilizing his new-found Law of fitness execution.

The book covers it all and it is straight to the point. Whether you are going through “Andropause” or you’re on your way to be 90 years old, he can show you how to look and feel fantastic. Want to look and feel fantastic right now? Buy Burke’s Law and never buy another fitness or nutrition book again. –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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