Castles in England. A Travellers’ Guide

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Castles in England – A Travellers’ Guide

Ever since I was a child growing up in England I have been fascinated by castles. Their history, the part they have played in the development of England through the centuries, the magnificent architecture and feats of ancient engineering and construction. Not only that, castles are great places to visit for a day trip to learn more about them and see the spectacle.

So I have written this book – Castles in England, A Travellers’ Guide to give you a look at twenty of my personal favourite castles so you can learn about them and perhaps take a few in whether you live in England and looking for interesting places to visit or perhaps on holiday in England from abroad and would like to see some proper British history.

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Some of the castles featured are listed below though twenty are included in my book. Whether you are planning on a visit to England or just have an interest in English history then you should enjoy Castles in England – a Travellers’ Guide.

Here Are Just Some of the English Castles You Will Read About Inside…

  • Chester Castle
  • Dover Castle
  • Deal Castle
  • Richmond Castle
  • St Mawes
  • Scarborough
  • And another fourteen more English Castles…….

A twenty castle tour in around 12,000 words. A brief history of each, a photograph, main features, opening times, other things to see in the area. I have included travel directions plus links to rail and bus operators also to help with planning your visits.

So many more castles in England, I may write more books about them in the future.

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