Close to Home (Jesse & Sarah #3)

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It’s been two years since Jesse and Sarah Malone found each other again, said “I do,” and began their happily ever after. They each have a successful business, two beautiful little girls, and a future better than they could have ever imagined. But all that changes when a stranger walks into Jesse’s office, presenting him with a proposal that will turn his family’s lives upside down and lead him deep into a world of darkness.

Nina Lamont, a partner in Jesse’s architectural design firm, has the dream job, along with a beautiful apartment in downtown Chicago. She has everything a woman her age could want, except for love. After spending the past few years focusing on her career, she’s ready to embark on that quest with Nolan, security specialist by day and musician by night. His good looks, musical voice, and obvious passion for her have Nina head over heels. But the more she falls in love, the more she discovers that she knows little about him, forcing her to make an impossible decision: Either trust in her heart or walk away from the only man she’s ever loved. What she doesn’t realize is that the only thing more dangerous than a broken heart could be Nolan’s secrets.

Close to Home is the third book in the Jesse & Sarah series. This story touches on the safety and comfort of an old love and delivers the excitement and hope of a new love. As Jesse and Nina search for the answers to their questions, their worlds suddenly collide in a way they never expected, reminding them that pain and love are felt the greatest when they’re Close to Home.

About the Author

Raised in New Haven, Indiana, Jeremy Asher spent most of his childhood reading books, watching movies, and daydreaming. After high school, he went on to college, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business. Asher now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with his wife, four children, and overly curious dog, Wylie.

Close to Home is Asher’s fifth novel. He is also the author of Insignificant Moments, Across the Creek, Beneath the Willow, and Losing Faith.

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