Complete Guide to Segovia

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Segovia is one of the highlights of any visit to the center of Spain. It is perfect for a daytrip from Madrid or to use as a base to discover the surroundings. I really like Segovia, not only because it is a beautiful city with a rich history, but also because it is a very pleasant city. You won’t find too many of the big tour groups that make a visit to other cities like Toledo less fun. Of course, you find some tourist shops, but not too many. The city center is still inhabited by Segovians and I just love the atmosphere of the town.

There are many things to see in the city, and this guidebook shows you all the highlights. I’ll take you on an extensive tour of the Alcázar, the fortress that rises high above the Castilian countryside. It is a spectacular site and no visit to Segovia is complete without walking through its halls filled with history.

But the Alcázar is not all there is to see. The Roman Aqueduct is an equally spectacular sight to see. There is the sumptuous Cathedral and the lovely Plaza Mayor. In this guidebook, I will show you all this and much more. I’ll tell you all the interesting stories about the buildings, squares and churches. Enjoy your stay in Segovia!

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