Controlled by His Voice (Erotic Romance)

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Book 1 of the Controlled by His Voice series

Two little words on a blank piece of paper with a phone number taped to a wall:

Submission training.

Two little words that drive Meghan crazy as she finishes her final semester of college.

Meghan is convinced she has it all… a great boyfriend, a promising career, and a fulfilled life.

But two little words eventually beckon her to call the number. There she finds a voice.

His voice.

The voice that will change her life forever, shattering her identity and propelling her into a world of dark deviant bliss.

Simultaneously ashamed of her new “abnormal” desires and obsessively excited over the seductive thrill ride on which she finds herself, Meghan embarks on a journey to discover her true self… at the command of a man who sends her into ecstatic delight with just the sound of his voice.

Approximate length: 12,000 words (a novelette)

Content Warning: This erotic romance contains graphic scenes of intimacy. For mature adults 18 years and older ONLY!

Not for those who do not like cliffhanger endings. This is part one of a series.

Themes: D/S, Dominance, Submission, Alpha male.

If you liked Stranger Addiction by Bianca James or His Indecent Lessons by Sky Corgan, then you may enjoy this.

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