Hill Country Greed (A Joe Robbins Financial Thriller Book 1)

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The new financial thriller series endorsed by critics and Austin lovers alike

A tale of greed, lust and murder unfolds amidst the high-tech boom of 1999.

Joe Robbins will earn fifty million dollars in Connection Software’s IPO, but when the market crashes and a director on the board is murdered, Joe becomes a suspect.

Joe has just moved his family to Austin, and is attending a company party with his wife, Rose, when an employee commits suicide, the first sign that all is not well with Connection Software.

Hill Country Greed is filled with colorful characters. Joe’s brilliant and charismatic boss, Webb Elliott, has a reputation for seducing female employees (and the wives of male employees). The Zealots, Henry Jiwanlal and Tommy King, put the dream of Connection Software above all else. And Gwen Raleigh, the beautiful VP of Marketing, has set her sights on bedding Joe.

When the market crashes, the company collapses, Joe loses his job, and the bodies start piling up. Mired in the chaos, Joe must use his analytical mind to solve the mystery and his fighting skills to clean up the mess.

Hill Country Greed is the tale of Joe Robbins’s tantalizing journey through the heartland of greed, lust, and obsession, and at the journey’s end his life is forever changed.

>>>>>> Glowing reviews from critics and businessmen

“fast-paced and engaging, particularly the ever-changing cat-and-mouse games at the story’s peak” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“It brings to mind the raw fatalism of noir crime stories of old, but with a modern sophisticated hero who is searching for answers in the streets and neighborhoods of Austin.” – Wade Monroe, Angel Investor, Austin, Texas

“a refreshing change from the many retired spy/assassin stories” – Michael Durham, Independent Corporate Director

>>>>>> Joe Robbins returns in BOOK TWO and BOOK THREE

Get hooked on Joe Robbins: freelance CFO. He has a head for numbers, a penchant for trouble, and a history with boxing and guns.

In Hill Country Rage Joe Robbins’s best friend is murdered on a street in Austin, and Joe embarks on a relentless quest for justice.

In Hill Country Siren (Coming July, 2016) Joe Robbins is hired by a rock star to investigate a fraud and winds up on the trail of a serial killer.

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