Cruising the Waterfront Restaurants of the Lower Potomac

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Cruising and Dining at the Waterfront Restaurants of the Lower Potomac River. This guide explains how to enjoy the many waterfront eateries along the lower Potomac and how to reach them by land and water. A GPS still helps pinpoint the locations and this book includes information that your GPS won’t, such as some of the seafood delights available. What all of these crabhouses and restaurants have in common: good home cooking. INCLUDED: several chapters of recipes including many for crabs, oysters, fish and Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham. Most importantly are the great authentic recipes on how to fix oyster stew, the same recipe that many local inhabitants of the Tidewater Chesapeake region fix themselves. The very same way to cook oyster stew that a very few great restaurants still prepare. Stuffed ham from start to finish is explained to those who wish to cook this delicacy themselves. The origins of stuffed ham came from the fall vegetables and hog-killing time when slaves on plantations would prepare their feasts for the holidays out of the foods available to them. Naturally, everyone embraced these great platters and today the region is known for this attractive and spicy entrée. Crabcakes? Ever wonder how a great crab cake is made? You will have this travelogue down the Potomac complete with recipes to complete your collection. Included are some prize-winners from around the nation of prize-winning entrees to the National Oyster Shucking Contest held in the heart of Oyster-land.

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