Down Low (Gay Interracial Sports Basketball Erotica)

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He was a god on the court, but WICKED in bed!

Ashe is a super basketball fan. He’s about to meet his favorite player, and so much more!

Ashe and Aaron end up the first gay couple on the kiss cam. Aaron acts like a fool, calling Ashe an attention whore for trying to coax a kiss out of his own boyfriend.

He needs to get revenge.

After more abuse from Aaron, Ashe storms off. Aaron nearly hits him, until he’s pulled away… by his favorite basketball player. He takes him somewhere safe, and offers him a place in his own home.

But when he finds out that he’s looking for more than just good karma, Ashe wonders if perhaps the deal is too good to be true.

Will he let Jamal have his way with him? Will he become a gay basketball player’s boyfriend, and future husband?

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