Of Epiphany

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How does a God sign his book? How does a God implement a stamp of authenticity within his book? A stamp and copyright that serves as an absolute assurance to the people of the world that God needed only one Holy Book to get his message across.

Is God so simple minded? Did he forego such an inquiry? Gaze upon the skeleton and its perfect architecture; how its many joints move to and fro at the same time through a system of levers and pulleys. Consider the heart and its perfect function as a battery. Look upon a dragonfly during its flight and the perfect propellers attached to its wings. Observe the full moon and its perfect geometrical shape. Even yet, witness the moon and its perfect motion. After all, do we ever see its other side?

Do we see a pattern of substantial intellect and engineering from the machines above? God is not simple minded, the same intellect that forged these machines into existence is the same intellect that created a Holy Book. His Text is no exception regarding his intellect. He most certainly has bestowed substantial intricacy within his book; a secret and a signature long unknown. These intricacies have been unveiled and it is the message I wish to portray to you.

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