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Eight sexy hot, funny stories by four authors that will make you smile as you squirm. Over 500 Pages

Over 80000 words

AUTHORS: La Marchesa, V. A. Gyna, Dee Dawning, Little Dickins

What is Erotic Humor?

Erotic humor is where the author tells his erotic story in a humorous manner. Usually humor permeates the entire story.

Alternatively the author may use humor only in the sex scenes or he/she may withhold it from the sex scenes.


1. Bananaz II by Dee Dawning

After the wild orgy the previous Saturday, Teri refuses to have sex with Joel, which leads to a dc sex episode in the shower and another even wilder orgy.

2. Cunnylicking 101 – Lydia by V.A. Gyna

Oral sex is Jimmy Love’s passion. He’s a self-proclaimed cunny-licker. Follow him as he splays women’s legs and spreads joy throughout womanhood. This is the story of Jimmy’s time at Stanford Univ. and his first sexual relationship with his high school dream girl, Lydia, who becomes his college dorm-mate and teaches Jimmy the virtue of cunnilingus and how giving most certainly leads to receiving.

3. Amateur Night by Dee Dawning

Sally and her undersized half-brother Hermie are strange people. Every weekend they venture forth from Piggott Arkansas to small towns in one of the three adjacent states. When they arrive, they rent a motel room from which they fan out to the local saloons.

In Amateur Night Sally and Hermie are off to another nearby town on one of their weekly treks. You won’t believe the mischief they cause on Amateur Night.

4. Farmer’s Daughter by Little Dickins

Visiting the Jones farm, Salesman Nick Hanson is pleasantly surprised when instead of farmer Jones, a bruiser of a man answering the doorbell, his ravishing daughter Donna Mae, home from college comes, to the door in skimpy attire. Alone and bored, she suggests Nick accompany her to the swimming hole for a frolicking good time.

5. Felicity Jones by Dee Dawning

Felicity Jones finds the hunky black and white duo of Devon and Adam fascinating and the caustic blond beauty beguiles them. Yet all semester long, though drawn together, they fought like cats and dogs.

Today’s the last day of the semester. A two week vacation looms and the possibility Adam and Devon may never have a chance with the hottest girl on the campus again. Desperate, when opportunity presents itself, they go for it and for once, Felicity doesn’t stop them.

This leads to an afternoon, they and maybe you, will never forget.

6. Bathing Suits Optional by La Marchesa

My wife Lisa, is a little more adventurous than I am, but I’m learning.

When Steven and Lisa attend a big pool party presented for Hollywood’s most beautiful people, they learn, to their surprise that bathing suits are optional and that’s not all. As they enter the pool enclosure from the conservatory, they discover a wanton orgy is taking place.

Steven wants to leave, but Lisa wants to stay and apparently participate. Heating up fast, Steven wants to participate too, as long as Lisa doesn’t. What follows is a sexy hilarious romp, which is liable to excite you and leave you smiling.

7. Adult Movie by Little Dickins

Tammy’s mother and Johnny’s father, leave her and her Johnny home while they attend a class reunion. After a day of freewheelin’ experimentation, Tammy discovers a cache of X rated films in her mother’s nightstand and that’s when the fireworks really begin.

8. Carnal Dreams by Dee Dawning

Charli has enough to worry about when she finds herself assigned to tough new project without having to worry about meeting her soul mate, but now she finds herself side by side with the impossibly beautiful man who’s literally been haunting her dreams.

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