Essential Home Remedies: Staying Healthy With Simple, Natural Home Remedies From The Pantry And The Garden

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Simple, Natural Home Remedies To Help Yourself and Your Family Stay Healthy

Let me show you how you can use simple and affordable home remedies to help keep you and your family healthier.

I want to share with you, my favourite home remedies. These are the remedies that I’ve used and loved for years. I consider these remedies to be essential to my life! I always have these simple ingredients in the garden and the pantry because they are really easy to have on hand and really handy to know how to use. 

You too can learn to use these simple home remedies to help keep yourself and your family healthier as well as saving you money on medical costs. Once you know how to use them and realise how effective they are, you’ll consider them essential too. 

In this book I’ll share my favourite home remedies with you:

The best remedy ever for Coughs

Learn about the amazing but very common herb that stops even the most persistent coughing rapidly and that also helps to stop colds and sore throats before they take hold.

The Gout remedy

Learn about the simple and affordable remedy that helps not only with gout, but bad breath, heartburn and lots more.

A remedy for spider bites and boils!

Learn how to make a simple poultice that can be used on spider and other insect bites, boils and splinters.

and many more….

These are simple and natural home remedies that can be kept in your pantry and grown in the garden. They’re tried and tested home remedies that have been used over the years and they work! 

The remedies in this little book have been my favourite home remedies over the last 20 years and I’m sure they will soon be your favourites too.

If you’re realising that doctors and their drugs aren’t always the best medicine and you’re looking for a better, cheaper way to take care of your health and the health of your family then this book is a great start. It’s a quick, easy read that will get you on the path to better, more affordable health. 

Essential Home Remedies: Staying Healthy With Simple Natural Home Remedies From The Pantry And The Garden contains the following:

How It All Started
The Digestive Healer: Slippery Elm
A Natural Antibiotic: Garlic
Lose Weight and Lower Blood Pressure With Chili
The Healer: Aloe Vera
From Cancer To  Morning Sickness: Ginger
Thyme For Coughs and Colds
The Master Alkaliser: Lemon
From Breast Milk To Farts: Fennel Seed
Breath Deep And Be Calm With Lemon Balm
Lovely And Very Handy: Lavender Essential Oil 
Breath Easy With Peppermint Essential Oil
Used For Almost Everything: Apple Cider Vinegar
From Gout To Cleaning: Baking Soda
More Handy Remedies Worth Knowing About…

In this book I share with you how I personally use each of these remedies, and fill you in on the health benefits of using them in a simple, easy to understand way. So why not get started? Take control of your health and grab your copy today!

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