Falling Awake: The impossible is just a breath away

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Are dreams mere fantasy, or are they real?

When Mary Parker finds a magic book everything in her life changes. As she reads, she dreams, and the woman sunk in depression after her mother’s death is transformed to a vibrant beauty. She gives the book and the phenomenon a name, ‘falling awake’. The book seems to twist others to act out of character too. Joe’s usually dour father turns visionary and gambles with the factory where Mary works, and Joe, the metaphysical daydreamer, engages in a secret sexual eternal triangle to keep the dull routine of the accounts department at bay. The dominant partner in the triangle is Clem; dark and dangerous.

Extricating himself from Clem, Joe meets Mary. They fall in love and their marriage is arranged in haste when Mary falls pregnant, but this is no happy ever after tale. Their joy turns to grief when Mary miscarries and she turns inward to her darkening ‘falling awake’ world – now more psychic than real. Then Joe’s father dies, and he has to fight for control of the factory. He falls into Clem’s clutches again, and to make things worse, he believes Mary is going mad, and the people and places she remembers all just dreams dreamt inside her insanity.

But then how can Joe remember them too?

Magic or madness? Karma or crazy? For Mary and Joe, the impossible – and the deadly ghosts of their dreams – are only a breath away.

Falling Awake is a dark paranormal romance thriller about a girl, a book, love and loss, mental illness, mystery and magic.

“In the best traditions of Audrey Niffenegger and Carlos Ruiz Zafón.”

“Mind-blowing, real, or unreal? Possible or incredible? Simply brilliant!”

“A superb piece of literary fiction.”

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