Forbidden Stay in a FORBIDDEN Bed (Gay Taboo Romance)

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“As I stood there holding his perfect cock in my hand, I decided having masturbated with Paul simply wasn’t enough for me. I wanted his big, thick cock inside me, not just beside me!”

Paul and the lady of the house are recently divorced, yet Aaron still likes to call him by a naughty nickname. He’s felt closer to Paul than any other man for years now, so when he finds himself without a place to stay following the split, Aaron insists Paul come live with him. He quickly learns why the marriage failed — Paul’s prudish wife simply couldn’t satisfy his VORACIOUS sexual appetite!

When Aaron walks in on Paul pleasuring himself, he convinces his horny houseguest to let him be there for his “needs”, like his woman couldn’t…

WARNING: This steamy M/M story contains explicit depictions of hot, dirty, taboo, GAY sex between a 21-year-old young stud and a forbidden older man. Characters are consenting adults (18+) whom share a non-blood relationship which may be considered “offensive” to some readers.

* Note: This is the gay version of Keeping His Bed Warm. It follows the same storyline, but has been reworked so it can be enjoyed by fans of the MM genre.

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