GAY BRILLIANCE: The Story Bundle: Three First Time Gay Romances

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Now collected together for the first time – the GAY BRILLIANCE series.


Young Damien Grantchester is in something of a bind after an encounter in the male rest room at their work place with his boss’s son, Shannon. Shannon has developed something of an obsession with Damien’s cock. Now normally this would be no big deal but Damien is confused. Surely Shannon is a notorious straight lothario, bedding a different girl on most nights of the week?


Damien is astonished when Brad, the boy next door, asks him to give him an honest assessment of his cock and balls. The boy suffers from erectile dysfunction and may be suffering from a castration complex caused by his upbringing by fanatically religious parents.

Damien is also concerned that Shannon, his boss’s son, is showing increasing interest in his genitals whenever they visit the rest room at work. He is also desperate to keep his boss, who is a notorious homophobe, from discovering that after dark he performs in drag at the Blue Boys’ Night Club.

Damien feels that his life is starting to fall apart when Silas, the owner and manager of Blue Boys’, decides that all the boys who are in the drag show should start to sell sexual favours to wealthy clients.

Book Three: YOUNG SEAN

Young Damien’s life is in turmoil. He must keep on working so he can help pay for his mother’s medical expenses. However –

The Blue Boys Club where he was earning extra money dancing in drag has been set on fire and to top it all off, Sean the young queen who helped Damon get his cock and balls taped up for the drag show has been abducted by a crazy sadist.

On the upside, Brad, the boy who lives next door to Damon, introduces him to the legend of the Theban 300, young gay soldiers who more than two thousand years ago in Ancient Greece became the most respected army in the world. They were invincible because each soldier fought alongside his boyfriend. Each soldier was fighting not for his own life but for that of his lover.

The Gay Brilliance Bundle contains descriptions of gay initiations, anal sex and mutual masturbation. It is not for the faint-hearted. All characters involved in sexual relationships are above the age of 18.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Armstrong has worked extensively in theatre, film and television in Australia and South East Asia. He also teaches writing skills in universities and international schools. Kevin is currently working on a novel set in Borneo during the Second World War.

Approximately 53,000 words.

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