Grace, Jack & Magical Cool Cats Mysteries Boxed Set Vol 2

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Romantic Detectives, Grace & Jack, and their magical cool cats, Tatania and Zeus, are back in the glamorous 1920s in Volume 2 of their boxed sets.

Meow Baby: In the 1920s, anything can happen. When Jack’s shovel hits a skeleton at their home ground breaking ceremony, he tells Grace, “Don’t worry. No one said we’d build this house over her dead body.” The skeleton leads Grace and Jack and their magical cats, Tatania and Zeus, back to a beautiful blonde’s disappearance.

Cupcake Kitty: When a singer at an engagement party dies, romantic 1920s detectives, Grace and Jack, and their magical cats, Tatania and Zeus, jump on the trail of a killer that leads to TiJuana and a bootlegger’s doll: Cupcake Kitty.

Meow or Never: Inthe 1920s, nothing interesting happens before 2 a.m. When a wealthy stockbroker’s wife disappears, Grace, Jack, and magical cats, Tatania & Zeus, rush to find her.

Catty Corner: At Grace & Jack’s rooftop cocktail party, a wealthy guest gets a call from his butler. A burglar grabbed two portraits at his beachfront mansion. Without missing a nap, magical cats, Tatania and Zeus, leap on solving a mysterious art heist.

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