The Herald of Autumn

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There are things unseen in the world of men.

Uncanny horrors stalk us from the shadows.

Fortunately for the children of men, there is one who protects us from the darkness that we cannot see.

Every year with the death of summer, a remnant of humanity’s strangest dreamings awakens: The Herald of Autumn. Wherever he wanders, hungry hounds ghost along with him and the frigid wind of the hallows follows close behind. He hunts the creatures that linger in shadows, protecting mankind from the weirding and the nameless.

This Autumn, however, is different from those in the past.

When the Herald awakens to the taunting of the mysterious and elusive Old Man Coyote, he is immediately thrown into a battle for his very existence. As he matches wits against a shaman from another age, he learns sinister truths of an ancient abomination and of darkness that lurks behind the world.

Most importantly, he learns of the end of all things.

A Myriad of Worlds…

This story is only one of the many paths into our bent and Irrational worlds, one which has others forthcoming. It regards the adventures and trials of Tommy Maple, the Herald of Autumn, a young man who is far more than he seems. This is a story of a shadowed realm, a place where the glamours and hidden mysteries of the World-That-Was are fading away.

Tommy and his kin live in the Untold Age.

This is one of many strands in The Paean of Sundered Dreams, a multi-genre, universe-spanning array of tales with Lovecraftian themes. Some of the strands of this work are science fiction, some fantasy, and some steampunk, but they share the same horrific universe. They weft and weave together, each leaving breadcrumbs of clues for the next story. Each tale echoes a beating heart of darkness, cackling quietly in the shadows of existence.

If you are the kind of reader who cannot rest until every secret is found, for whom genre is unimportant, and who will travel a wide and vast multiverse to learn things man was not meant to know…

Welcome, wayward wanderer.

This was written for you.

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