His Wind Beneath My Wings, II

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A missionary pilot trainer’s close encounters with death are a living testimony of God’s great grace.

Providence or luck, it’s whatever you want to call it. Most of the flights in this book, by human standards, should have been my last.

Are you a pilot or thinking about becoming one? Learn important lessons that you can’t afford to learn on your own. You will learn the specifics of what saved me in various situations usually not covered in pilot training. You will learn about triggers that provide warning signs, helping avoid unfortunate situations before it’s too late.

All the stories in this book are not about aviation, so if you are not a pilot there is still something here for you. You will be challenged to learn from your own mistakes as well as mine. And sometimes, you can laugh at the craziness of my mistakes.

About the Author

Lionel Smith is the founder of Christian Wings for the World, a missionary pilot training organization that prepares pilots for service in third-world countries using airstrips rather than airports. Lionel has served as a flight instructor, training pilots for many different types of flight operations including land and sea, and single- and multi-engine training. Lionel has also been a commuter airline captain, civil air patrol unit commander, banner-tow pilot, ag pilot, accident prevention counselor, ground instructor, and aircraft mechanic. In addition to the above, Lionel has served as a Sunday school teacher for young and old, serves as a deacon, has been ordained as an elder and a minister, has started two home churches, and has gone on numerous mission trips.

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