Hittites: A History From Beginning to End

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The Hittites lived among gods and kings and captivated the mysterious Sir Lawrence of Arabia, among many eager minds. Who were they? Simply warlike conquerors on a mission to impose Hittite power on the world? How did they become part of the elite highly-exclusive club of kings as great as Egyptian, Assyrian, and Babylonian empires of the second millennium BCE?

Inside you will read about…

✓ Sources

✓ Sir Lawrence of Arabia, Helen of Troy, Origins and Remarkable Missing Links

✓ The Bronze and Iron Age – Hittites and their Contemporaries

✓ Life and Times of the Hittites and Notable Events: Kingdoms and Empire-Building

✓ Notable Achievements, Ongoing Exploration and Unraveling their Extraordinary Mysteries

They created a complex system of collective governance and changed the metallurgy of the ancient world. This mysterious empire remained the unknown fourth empire and thanks to their tradition of preservation we continue solving mysteries buried in their ancient past.

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