Hollywood Bad Boys Club: Book 1: Drake

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Drake Manning:

I’m one of the biggest movie stars in the world. I practically own Hollywood and can get away with damn near anything in this town. Cops who pull me over while I’m getting blown in my Ferrari don’t write tickets, they ask for autographs. My three closest friends and I call ourselves the Hollywood Bad Boys Club and we go through more women in a month than most guys do in a lifetime. I’ve never had a serious relationship and am determined to keep that streak intact. At this point in my life, the world is my oyster and nothing or nobody is going to slow me down.

Allie Winters:

Actors are shallow and egotistical, and I’m a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, for God’s sake. This cover story interview with Drake Manning is just another assignment and nothing to get excited about. Even if his fans have nicknamed him “The Body” because of his astounding physique, that won’t distract me from doing my job. Sure, I looked at a few half-naked pictures of that flawless body – but I was just doing research. Besides, Manning is not my type and I’m definitely not his, so there’s zero chance I’ll become another of his more than five hundred rumored conquests. I’m too smart to ever fall for a man like Drake Manning.

The Hollywood Bad Boys Club, Book 1: Drake is an incendiary romance, the first of a four-book romantic-yet-erotic series about a group of Hollywood alpha males who pride themselves on the many women they bed while managing to avoid messy emotional entanglements.

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