How to Draw Fantasy: Beginners guide. Sketching amazing fantasy world!

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How to Draw Fantasy

Beginners guide. Sketching amazing fantasy world!

Drawing fantasy creatures takes a few abilities that go past the typical domain of drawing in light of the fact that you can’t locate a subject to posture for you – unless you live in a captivated backwoods! So you are confronted with not just the undertaking of learning how to draw you are likewise confronted with the test of taking advantage of your imagination and afterward putting this down on paper. Here are some strong tips that will offer you some assistance with imagining and draw better fantasy creatures.

Instructions to Tap into your Imagination

Doodling and drawing with a free-form is the most ideal approach to get your creativity and imagination streaming. The procedure to take after is to just draw fast sketches and afterward change them as things begin. It resembles the following: Draw a generally human molded head then begin to add a body to it however don’t deliberately make it a human body, shift your lines and see where it goes. You will be amazed by what happens. Your eye will begin to see things differently and you will make some phenomenal creatures. These ought to just be fast sketches and you ought to draw bunches of them – fill the sheet of paper and see where the drawings go. This is an awesome approach to concoct the beginning thought for another fantasy creature.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to draw a dragon
  • How to draw an old man
  • How to draw a lady
  • How to draw a fairy
  • How to draw a landscape
  • How to draw a phoenix

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