The Joy of Volunteering – Working and Surviving in Developing Countries

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Have you ever wondered, “How Can I Volunteer to Help in Third World Countries?” The need for volunteers is great and the desire of most people to help is abundant, however information on how to get involved, how to prepare for a trip and what to expect when you get there is scarce.

Dr. Seiden founded Doctors to the World and has been to many countries to help in medical emergencies, after natural disasters and just to help when needed. He’s uniquely qualified to help the would-be volunteer to prepare in the best possible way for all the likely occurances when traveling to Third World countries. The stories of his adventures are extremely insightful and interesting. If you want to travel to these countries, this book is a must. If you want to read a one-of-a-kind travel log, you’ll definately enjoy the ride!

In 1980 Dr. Seiden founded Doctors To The World, a 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization, to send volunteer personnel into underserved areas of the world. Over the past decades he’s had the pleasure and the privilege of serving on many volunteer missions throughout the Third World, underprivileged areas in the US and abroad as well as disaster zones on our planet. Though these adventures have been on a volunteer basis, their rewards have been great.

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