Kill Switch: Action-Packed Revenge & Gripping Vigilante Justice (Angel of Darkness Thriller, Noir & Hardboiled Crime Fiction Book 1)

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“Nikita meets Dirty Harry” “A female Jack Reacher”

Amazon #1 Best Seller, Kill Switch explodes with pulse-pounding action and heart-stopping thrills as Tess Williams rampages across Eastern Europe in pursuit of a gang of sadistic kidnappers.

If you love thrillers, don’t miss this unputdownable page-turner!

On a once-in-a-lifetime trip to explore their family’s homeland, Elena Petrescu and her daughter Catalina visit Krakow, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

The hapless pair don’t realize it, but a vicious gang is stalking the shadows, hunting for its next victim, and Catalina is its ideal target.

When these two worlds collide, Elena and Catalina plummet into a nightmare of greed-fueled brutality from which there seems no escape.

But luck brings a glimmer of hope…

Tess Williams is visiting Krakow, too.

Tess looks like just another tourist doing what tourists do – drinking in bars, visiting the sights, reveling in European culture… However, Tess has a secret, a secret so dark that most who discover it are sent to their grave long before they’re due.

Armed with lethal combat skills, Tess unleashes her fury upon the city’s shadowy underworld, claiming vengeance for the mother and daughter.

But Tess is only one woman. With time running out and the odds against her, what price is she prepared to pay to put these savage thugs down and save the mother and daughter?

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You get Angel of Darkness Black File 01 free with this book (see the Table of Contents for details).

Angel of Darkness Suspense Thriller Series

In an action thriller series packed with vigilante justice, vengeance and suspense, a rogue female assassin hunts deadly criminals to avenge their innocent victims.

Is she a courageous hero, or a psycho serial killer? Only you can decide.

Can I read the series in any order?

Books 01-06 have self-contained stories, so can be read out of sequence, but you’ll have more fun by reading them in order because of the small subplots that run through the series. However, this is only a suggestion.

Ideally, Nightmare’s Rage (book 07) and Shanghai Fury (book 08) should be read after books 01-06 because those small subplots come together in these books.

WARNING – Miss Marple it ain’t!

Angel of Darkness action-packed thrillers are NOT cozy mysteries, but noir and hardboiled violent crime fiction, so expect occasional strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature.

It is novella-length fiction.

Bottom Line – Mystery, Suspense and High-Octane Action

The Angel of Darkness Series is an action-packed thrill ride that is intelligently written, combines intriguing plots with nail-biting suspense, and features compelling, flawed characters – whose backstories are revealed gradually as the series progresses.

So if you’re looking for a gripping thriller series featuring a kickass heroine and her action packed adventures, all with lashings of revenge, serial killers, psycho killers, dark crimes, dark justice and female assassin mystery… You got it!

In a single series, the Angel of Darkness Series gives you a:

  • vengeance series

  • serial killer series

  • noir series

  • hardboiled series

  • assassin series

  • bounty hunter series

  • martial arts action series

  • and a vigilante justice series

all delivered by a hot new female action hero.


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