Killing Sands

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“Good could never imagine evil….ever being this bad….”

Dear Reader,

This novel “Killing Sands” took twenty years to complete, for a number of reasons, mostly career getting in the way and recently hospitals getting in the way. I was very keen to write a novel because it was something I hadn’t done before and I have spent my life trying to experience as many things as possible once. And, this one grew and grew from nothing really, into what it is.

It is a thriller, a fast paced book, largely about evil of such a magnitude it could only be found in fiction. For the elements of good to succeed, they will have to remain on their toes and mega alert. I would recommend this book to you because, coming out of the darkness of evil is that brilliant ray of sunshine, bursting out in the crescendo and warming us through; such a wonderful feeling to have good triumph over a period of ninety thousand hard written words………. Enjoy!

On December 21st 1988, Pan American Airways flight 103 exploded in a fireball over Lockerbie, Scotland. There were no survivors from this brutal act of terrorism.

Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, had obstinately refused to allow the suspected bomber, Abdul Baset Al-Megrahi to be tried by the West, in the West until he could no longer withstand political pressure.

Many years later, the international trial long over with Al-Megrahi sentenced to life imprisonment in a Scottish jail, Gaddafi paid a diluted compensation to those families whose loved ones went down.

Following a diagnosis of terminal cancer, Al-Megrahi was subsequently released on compassionate grounds to spend the final days with his family in Libya, infuriating the west and the bereaved even further.

Had events in this novel reached their intended solution, Pan Am 103 would have reached its destination and… Colonel Gaddafi would have long been assassinated.

“KILLING SANDS” is a thriller. ©John Cleever 2012

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