The Legend of the River Beast (How I Spent My Summer Vacation Book 1)

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Do you love Adventure?

“The Legend of the River Beast” will instantly transport you to a world of fantasy, suspense, and excitement; where you’ll embark on an adventure of your very own!

Local legends paint the image of a ghastly beast, akin to an evil Bigfoot, prowling the woodlands in search of his next victim. Hundreds of people have been reported missing over the years, each instance accompanied by sightings of the beast.

Will you rise as a hero? That’s right, this is no ordinary storybook. This legendary tale places YOU in the center of all the action. Navigate the dark forest, labyrinths, and the lair of the beast himself to find your way through over one-dozen exhilarating scenarios in this choice-based quest! Do you have what it takes to put a stop to the beast and his reign of terror?

This 5-Star Rated, light-hearted and suspenseful, fantasy-adventure will have your heart pounding with excitement and leave you thirsty for more!

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