Leopards on my tail (Africa series)

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Meeting a leopard and lions face-to-face can be a heart stopping moment

The leopard is one of Africa’s most illusive creatures. Shy, recluse and usually only seen at night; that’s what we thought before we visited the Londolozi Game Reserve.

Londolozi is a game park in South Africa that is famous for its leopards. It is one of Africa’s top wildlife areas. Here, you’ll find all of the Big-5 African game animals.

This is the story of a couples stay at Londolozi and their experiences on safari in the African bush veld. Later they toured the picturesque coastline from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, where the author was brought up.

In this travel book on Kindle you’ll discover:

• what life is like on safari in one of Africa’s premier game reserves.

• you’ll meet the animals some a little closer than what you’d expect.

• how the leopards are identified and how their lineage is recorded and tracked

• one of worlds most scenic coastal drives between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

This is not a guidebook. It is part of a series of travelogues set in South Africa. It is a record of the places, the people, the challenges and the wonder of so many “ohhh” moments.

If you’ve been on safari in Africa or are thinking of going this book will be a useful resource. Downloading it to your Kindle is as simple as clicking the button above. Enjoy reading Leopards on my tail.


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