Lightning Rider: NA Fantasy/Time Travel (Tesla Time Travelers Book 1)

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Time traveling was not on today’s agenda.

Racing to intercept her thieving soon-to-be-ex, Evy Rivera is thrown back to ancient Spain with no rules, no guidance, and brand new, badass lightning bullwhips.

~ ~ ~ ~ Tesla’s Time Travelers. Book 1 ~ ~ ~

Nikola Tesla’s time machine is no secret.

But what of his time-travelers? Men and women hand-selected and trained to alter history and save mankind. Again and again and again.

Evy Rivera is one, as is her father and his father before.

Too bad they didn’t know until yesterday.

Now, Evy must come to grips with being mankind’s guardian while learning the craft of arcing—traveling through time via white-hot bolts of lightning. Following orders has never been her strong suit and with a misogynistic tutor, she’ll be lucky to survive her first alteration: assassination of a Spanish legend.

Lightning Rider is the first book in the Tesla Time Travel series–stories full of action, adventure, and a romance that spans centuries.

Book 2 of the Tesla Time Travelers series, Shadow Boxer, sends Evy to meet the man behind the name. If she can keep him alive long enough.

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