Living With an Impostor: A Confluence of Art, Depression and Dementia

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Living With an Impostor is a unique look into one man’s mind and heart as he struggles to cope with clinical depression and a wife who is evaporating before his eyes into the pit of dementia that is Alzheimer’s disease. Infusing it all is his life as a successful artist, and questions he eventually faces regarding just how his art and depression form part of the awful spiral of emotional torment he faces as his wife begins to disappear. In doing so, he reveals the very personal terrors that stalk two diseased brains, and struggles to find some meaning in it all.

All this combines into a cautionary tale that will ring true to anyone over 50. You will laugh. You will cry. You will ask yourself some of the hard questions most people forget to ask while there is still time. The author uses excerpts from personal journals and other writings to weave together the three related stories of art, dementia, and depression into a book that reveals something of the disjointed nature of human experience and points again and again to the role small, seemingly trivial decisions can have in all our lives: how chance can become a most powerful conspirator, leading us down paths un-chosen and changing our lives forever.

As the author attempts to find personal meaning in the course his life has taken, the reader is swept along in their own personal journey, wondering about their own past and future, and about those decisions both grand and small that have brought them to their particular place on their unique road into the future. Some will find solace. Others will find heartbreak. All will come away looking at themselves and their lives differently, for better or for worse.

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