Look Into My Ice (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 12)

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Look Into My Ice is Book 12 in the Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mysteries Series


Upon returning home from their action-packed honeymoon, Gloria Rutherford-Kennedy and her new husband, Paul, are ready to settle into married life.

While the newlyweds are busy rearranging households and responsibilities, Gloria is also planning for the all-girls cruise that is right around the corner.

Life is smooth sailing and all is calm in the sleepy little town of Belhaven until elderly resident, Eleanor Whittaker, calls one morning to tell Gloria that something has happened out on the frozen waters of Lake Terrace.

When the two women arrive on scene, they discover that a summer resident has been found dead and half-submerged inside his ice shanty. Eleanor tells Gloria and the Garden Girls that she witnessed something the night before the body was discovered, but for the life of her, can’t remember what it is.

One of the Garden Girls has a plan to jog Eleanor’s memory. Will Eleanor be able to remember the chilling details of what she saw or for once, will someone in the small town of Belhaven, get away with murder?

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