Love, Chocolate, and Beer (Cactus Creek Book 1)

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— A USA TODAY Bestseller —

From the author of the NYT bestselling Can’t Resist series comes a lighter, sweet small town romance series set in the fun, quirky town of Cactus Creek.

Cactus Creek’s most romantic eligible bachelor, new-to-town and new-to-singlehood chocolatier Luke Bradford believes in old school romance, fighting wars waged over love, and deploying his dimples whenever an impossible-to-resist woman instigates it. But for once, he’s trying not to platter up his heart to get stomped on. So, he throws all his energy into the brand new hobby he picked up to keep himself from falling:

…driving the addictively easy to incite beer-brewing beauty next door crazy.

Cactus Creek’s feisty brewmaster and town sweetheart Dani Dobson cannot believe how good her ridiculously handsome, maddeningly charming new neighbor is at pushing her buttons. What’s worse, he does it with this dangerous smile-inducing, chocolate-covered romantic idealism–not unlike the kind her heart has been shattered by before. Luckily, she has her go-to hobby to keep her defenses up, and her mind off of the man:

…playing her own version of cupid for everyone in town but herself.

When Dani and Luke’s inexplicable chemistry escalates their ensuing chocolate and beer feud into so much more, old wounds and new demons surface to bring them face-to-face with exactly what they’ve been protecting themselves from:

…the kind of love that could break their hearts all over again.

“A new must-read series from Violet Duke. Not only will you fall in love with the characters, you’ll fall in love with romance.” –New York Times Bestselling Author Kathleen Brooks


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