Mad Money (Madeline Carter Book 1)

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Mad Money, the first novel to in the acclaimed Madeline Carter series, now in e-book format!

“Murder, mayhem, humor, romance, and great characters make this first book in the Madeline Carter series hard to put down.” — Booklist

When her best friend is killed in front of her at the New York City brokerage where they both work, Madeline Carter quits her job and aims for a safer life on the warm coast. But life has a way of interrupting the best laid plans and it isn’t long before Madeline’s quiet new life of day trading in the Malibu hills is interrupted by kidnapping, murder and a run-in with a corporate psychopath.

“Mad Money does what many have tried and few have managed — to turn stock swindles and corporate crime into a fun, roller-coaster read. The key is Richards’ strong, witty, and likable heroine, recovering stock broker Madeline Carter.” — bestselling author Alafair Burke

“… filled with enough corruption to keep the reader turning pages. Anyone who dabbles in the stock market will be enthralled with the development of this plot, as well as frightened. Interesting and smart, and easily worth the price of admission, this is a recommended read.” — Donna Padilla, New Mystery Reader

“A likable heroine, a strong supporting cast, knowledgeable insight into the world of stocks without going overboard, and murder and mayhem in LA add up to a hugely enjoyable read.” — Sarah Weinman, mystery critic

“…Mad Money is no lightweight airplane read; instead, we have the fiendishly complex tale of corporate swindles, surreal glimpses into the world of the stock-trader …. For a debut novel — bravo! If you need a fast-paced and fun read Mad Money is for you as it is a light in the noir and far, far from light-weight.” — Ali Karim, Crime Spree Magazine

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