MAIL ORDER BRIDE: More Precious Than Gold: Inspirational Historical Western (Mail Order Brides of Rainbow Mountain Book 1)

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The happiest day of Seth’s Macleod’s life on earth was the day he marries Constance. Their happiness is interrupted by a terrible misfortune that sends Seth West in search of his fortune. The search becomes and obsession that very nearly leads him to lose all that is precious.

When he comes to his senses and sends for Constance to join him, she arrives with a surprise in her arms that all the riches of the Montana mountains could not buy.

Seth’s legacy however continues when the seven pieces of his torn treasure map find their way into the hands of 7 more colorful Mail Order brides and their pioneer husbands.

The Mail Order Brides of Rainbow Mountain charts the history of eight brides and their Western husbands. The adventure begins when Seth MacLeod marries Constance and travels west to strike it rich. When he realizes that his love for his wife is worth far more than gold he tears up his treasure map into 7 pieces. Over time, these 7 pieces come into the hands of 7 Mail Order Brides, whom fate and fortune bring together for an amazing finale. You will need to read to discover if there really is gold at the end of the rainbow. Rich with romance and mystery, each book is a complete story, but together they are weave priceless tale that you will not want to end!

Interview With The Author

What kind of stories do you enjoy writing?

My favorite stories are Mail Order Bride romance. I especially enjoy writing historical Western romance novellas and short stories.

Your books often contain an element of faith as well as romance and love. Is that important to you as a writer?

Yes. As an author, clean Christian western romance is my heart passion. I love being able to tell a story, be it an American mail order brides series, a Mail Order bride and babies tale, or a historical western romance novella, and at the same time bring a positive message of hope, faith and love to uplift readers.

Are all of your stories Clean reads?

Every story I write is clean and wholesome, and I find that language and sex free Mail Order Bride books are just as good as those that include such things. The main thing for me is always the story, and the characters. A great plot is what makes a story worth reading.

Where do your brides and their stories come from?

Mail Order Brides of the west, east or sometimes even foreign brides jump into my imagination every day, each telling their own special story! I have mail order brides of Texas, New York, even Liverpool, England. So many places, so many tales to tell. I get an idea for a book or a series and when I begin to write the stories often take on a life all of their own. Just like my readers, I am often on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting to find out what will happen next! I even have a few Mail Order Husbands cooking. 🙂

What would you like to say to your readers?

Just two short words. Thank you! A story only really comes alive in the hand of a reader. My readers are the reason I write, the reason I can tell my tales. Without them, well, there would be no story to tell. Every email I receive, every review that is left – every one of them means so much to me.

Why should a new reader pick up one of your books?

If you enjoy clean Christian Western romance and mail order bride romance free from smutty themes; if you love great romantic stories full of surprises; if you love delightful characters and happy endings, any Terri Grace book will be thoroughly enjoyable for you.

Is your Historical Western Romance Kindle Unlimited eligible?

As I mentioned just now, my readers are the most important thing in the world to me. That is why all of my Mail Order Bride and Cozy Mystery books are part of the Kindle Unlimited program. I love being able to offer clean and free Mail Order bride books to eager readers, and the Kindle Unlimited program allows me to do this. It’s a win-win.

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