Manchester The City Years 1857-2012 (Text only edition): The Most Comprehensive History of Manchester City Football Club

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The most comprehensive history of MCFC ever produced is now available as a text-only ebook. Manchester The City Years provides an in-depth study chronicling every season in the history of Manchester City.

Renowned Manchester football historian and City fan Gary James describes the exploits of the Club from the actions in the mid eighteenth century that led to its development, on to its first known game in 1880, successes in the Twentieth Century and through to the 2012 Premier League title win.

Relive the drama and successes that have made Manchester City one of the game’s most popular and well-known names.

This book blends perfectly the narrative history of the Club with first hand accounts, told by supporters, players, managers, officials and chairmen of City life from the nineteenth century through to the modern day. Gary James has spent around 25 years researching and gathering material for this book. He has also performed in excess of 100 indepth interviews with figures connected with the Club since the First World War through to 2012 to ensure the appropriate story is told.

If anyone ever says City has ‘no history’ show them this book!

About The Author: Gary James

Gary James has been researching and writing about the Blues since the 1980s, and has written several landmark publications on both City and on Manchester football in general. A City fan since birth, and a season ticket holder since the age of 16, Gary cares deeply about the history of football.

His first City book was published in 1989, with his highly acclaimed Football With A Smile: The authorised biography of Joe Mercer, OBE coming in 1993. His other works include: Manchester – A Football History, The Big Book Of City, Farewell To Maine Road, Atkinson For England, and The Pride of Manchester.

Gary has been a regular contributor to the City programme since 1994, and is now recognised as a leading expert on Mancunian football history. In 2003 he set up City’s award winning museum & tour and in 2012 he provided curatorial assistance during the development of the new National Football Museum.

In recent years he has written for publications as diverse as the FA Cup final programme, The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, The Times, The Author, When Saturday Comes and The Manchester Evening News. Gary James’ research into Manchester football continues.

“God knows how many hours Gary James spent in the Central Library poring over microfilm or thumbing through old books, newspapers and magazines. Or time in the company of veteran Blues recounting their stories.” Respected journalist Richard Bott commenting on Gary’s research

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