The Manchester Strangler

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Kendra Madison is an investigator working in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire. In the year 2112, her job is to track down criminals in order to protect the peace of the city. One day, she gets a call asking her to arrive at the scene of a strangling. This is the third strangling case that she has had to investigate. She believes that there is a serial killer loose in the city. The problem is, none of the victims have any connection with one another. The stranglings appear to be random. She knows that they are not. There’s a pattern behind them somewhere. She just has to find out what it is.

The case leads her into discoveries she did not expect and into moral dilemmas that she finds difficult to resolve. In order to find the Manchester strangler, she will need all of her wits and all her willpower. For, while she wants to keep peace in the city, there are those who want nothing more than to disturb that peace. She knows that it’s a race against time: either she finds the strangler first, or the strangler finds his next victim…

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