Mastered by His Touch (Contemporary Romance)

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Part 1 of the 4-part Mastered by His Touch series

He walked into the bank like he owned the entire world, like there was a billion dollars in the black leather briefcase he carried.

Kiri had been in a rut. No boyfriend. Dull job at a bank with a nasty boss. Disgusting roommate in a cramped apartment.

In walks Caden Storm on a sunny spring day. And everything in Kiri’s life changes.


Instantly mesmerized, Kiri helps tall, dark, and heart-pounding handsome Caden to open a safe deposit box into which he places three mysterious items… then vanishes.

Unable to stop fantasizing about her addictive stranger, Kiri researches him… only to find out he doesn’t even exist.

Kiri is soon convinced she is being followed while at the same time experiencing nightmarish visions of drowning at sea. As mounting fear unravels her, she is confronted with Caden’s true identity.

Little does she know the dangerous yet ecstatic rapture the future holds for her and Caden… and the dark hidden past that is finally catching up with them.

Approximate length: 14,000 words (a novelette)

Content Warning: This erotic romance contains graphic scenes of intimacy. For mature adults 18 years and older ONLY!

This is the first title in a series. There IS a cliffhanger ending.

Themes: Erotic romance, suspense, thriller, new adult, billionaire, alpha male.

If you liked Escaping Reality and Infinite Possibilities by Lisa Renee Jones, then you may enjoy this.

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