No More Brothers (A Serafina Florio Mystery Book 2)

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A body on the beach. A new romance. Dark secrets. And one woman determined to uncover the truth.

When Serafina Florio discovers a body on the beach, she plunges into the investigation despite dark secrets, diminishing funds, and a budding romance.

Evidence leads her to a forest on the edge of the Madonie Mountains where she uncovers the truth and conceives a daring plan to catch the killer.

Does she have enough time to catch the killer? Will love prevail? Can she keep her family together?

Meet Serafina Florio, a woman determined to uncover the truth against all odds

Serafina Florio is a widowed midwife-turned-sleuth living in nineteenth-century Sicily where she supports her children and catches killers despite insurmountable odds.

NO MORE BROTHERS is the second book in the Serafina Florio mystery series. It is a novella.

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