My Chinese Wedding

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Nothing can endear your social and business relationships with Chinese people like learning to speak their language. No one expects you to be fluent, but just the fact that you make an effort and learn some Mandarin Chinese will raise you to a level wherein people from China will take you more serious. I can assure you that the products there are very cheap yet very effective, unlike some of the more expensive over-hyped language learning products on the market. Not only that, there you will find only products that offer you fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese. If you have fun learning, you will stick with your curriculum long enough to reach a beneficial level.

An important fact to remember: Chinese Mandarin is the newest most important language to learn in the global market place that we now live in. Point blank, your children will be at an advantage if they know this language and their peers do not. Of course, research has proven many times over that nothing influences children’s behavior like the behavior of their own parents. If you learn to speak Chinese Mandarin, so will they. The fastest way to learn Chinese Mandarin is to practice, Fun Learning Chinese Language, Vols. 1 & 2, or for children, Kids’ Fun Learning Chinese Language. These methods are hands down the best ways to go about learning the essential Chinese words you’ll need to know. What is Fun Learning Chinese Language? It is a collection of Mandarin Chinese language seminars that is spreading like wildfire. If you haven’t heard of it, you will, because as you can tell by the title, it is a fun way to learn the Chinese language. It is the only fun way to learn Chinese, but it is not just fun, it is also very effective””so much so that thousands of people from different countries around the world have made Fun Learning Chinese Language their seminars of choice. I personally created the foundation for Fun Learning Chinese Language but I could not have successfully completed it without the assistance of two of my favorite, most intelligent and talented partners in business: He Cui Shan and Tommi Valentino. He Cui Shan is a native Chinese of Chongqing, China who holds two Bachelor’s Degrees: one in English and another in Business, not only that, her background was teaching foreign language to Chinese and foreigners from all over the world via Internet when she lived in China. Tommi Valentino has been producing and engineering music and videos for two decades. I have a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior. After many months of struggling to learn Chinese Mandarin via studying other overly expensive seminars, including the highly acclaimed seminar which receives the most hype, I decided to create a Chinese Mandarin seminar that really works.

I am so happy that one day it finally occurred to me that I am the perfect person to create the foundation for Fun Learning Chinese Language because time and time again I have traveled to China and actually struggled to communicate with local people there. I know from experience which words are vitally important for foreigners to know. I built a language seminar which emphasizes the words which should be given first priority for new Chinese Mandarin speakers.

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