If Only You Were Mine (Real Love Series Book 1)

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Imagine on your wedding day – the happiest day of your life – someone hands you an anonymous note that says the person you’re about to marry has cheated on you with your best friend. What would be your first reaction?

Drake Beckford, an up and coming young minister of El Shaddai Ministries, finds himself in a similar situation when he goes off to Bible School in Columbus, Ohio, entrusting his bride to be, Sasha McKay into the hands of his best friend, Levi Johnson. Sasha has been Drake’s first and only love since they were twelve years old and from that time to the present Drake has always believed her to be a woman of honor and integrity and she has never given him reason to doubt her love or her loyalty.

However, unbeknownst to Drake, while he is away Levi has developed strong feelings for Sasha and it seems as if she, too, is fond of Levi. What will become of their budding attraction when Drake returns to make Sasha his wife? With that upsetting note wedged between his fingers, as he watches Sasha walk up the aisle to meet him, does Drake even dare believe such a wild accusation about her?

If You Were Only Mine is the first book in H H Fowler’s new novella Christian romance series, Real Love, which attempts to show what love really is, based on 1 Corinthians 13. For many can talk love talk, but not very many can walk the real love walk. Sit back and enjoy a whole new cast of characters that will no doubt leave you with times of reflection and questions about your own interpretation of what it means to express real love. Bestseller of Urban Christian Romance Series

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