PREPPING: No1 Survival Guide For When SHTF (Prepping, Prepping for SHTF, Prepping for Survival, Prepper, SHTF)

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PREPPING: No1 Survival Guide For When SHTF

Do you know how to survive when SHTF?

In this book you’re about discover how-to survive when SHTF

What would happen if everything you are so used to were to be wiped out by a catastrophe? How would you survive? How would you source for food, water, and shelter when all the comforts of the life you are so used to are wiped out? Well, if you ponder on this for a moment, you will realize that you probably have a long way to go as far as priming yourself for survival when SHTF.

So what should you do? Well, the answer is simple. Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario but just hope for the best. You wouldn’t want to be caught unawares if a disaster like an earthquake, floods or any other unexpected occurrence were to happen. This means that your first order of business if you want to stand any chance of survival should be to master the art of surviving without any of the comforts that your life offers at the moment. This book will provide comprehensive information on how to do just that.

This Is What You’ll Discover Inside

  • SHTF Essentials & Long Term Survival Guide: Food & Water
  • Long Term Off-Grid Survival: Foods to Stock upon
  • Your Bugging Out Guide, & The Ultimate Guide To Living Off-The-Grid
  • Section 3: Survival Skills- Important Survival Skills & Things You Must Eliminate From Your Survival System
  • How to Build a Shelter Using Natural Materials
  • Your SHTF Stockpile- 20 High Value, in-Times-of-Disaster Essentials to Stockpile
  • The Psychological Aspect Of Wilderness Survival
  • Free Bonus
  • And Much, much


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