Private Notes of a Headhunter: Proven Job Search and Interviewing Techniques for College Students and Recent Grads

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College students and recent grads: Want to nail the interview and get the job of your dreams? Read on. What you will learn in Private Notes of a Headhunter is as important as any course you’ve taken or will ever take: insider tips, tools and techniques tailored expressly to your needs … information that will help give you an edge in one of the most challenging job search environments in many years.

• Explore the foremost fears college students have about job interviewing, and learn how to overcome them (read the questions and concerns of your peers in their own words in the Student Question Forum section).

• Learn what employers most want in a job seeker and how to convince them you have it.

• Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes candidates make in the job interview.

• Get a look inside the job interviewer’s head: what turns them on, what turns them off, and what you can do about it (check out the Job Fair Survey section to read what actual interviewers and company recruiters have to say).

• Develop a personal action plan for successful job interviews that fits you and the job you want.

• Increase your chances of beating your competition by using proven interviewing techniques unknown to most job seekers.

“Ken Heinzel provides an excellent look at many of the most important aspects of the job search, from the very basics to using sophisticated skills to advance one’s career. I wish I had this book years back, as it would have been a great resource when I was a job developer, placement manager, workforce planning and recruitment manager, and of course as a job seeker. Considering the current job search situation today, this will be a bible for many.”

– Frank Tastevin, Manager of Workforce Planning & Recruitment, University of California at San Francisco (retired)

“What Ken Heinzel offers, and what I have not found in any other book, is a demystification and deconstruction of the job interview seen from the vantage point of an executive recruiter who was also a college professor. It provides a wealth of information on just what to do to get and succeed in the interview as well as the biggest mistakes students tend to make in interviewing and how to avoid them. What really brings the book alive are Ken’s real-life examples, most drawn from his own extensive experience. For the first-time job seeker it deals with the pitfalls, fears, and self-doubts, while sharing advice on just what they must do in order to overcome any obstacles.”

– Robert H. Girling, Ph.D., Professor in the School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University. His latest book is The Good Company (Hill Press, 2012).

“A very practical, hands-on guide to help you land a job that matches your interests and strengths. A must-read for recent college grads and those finding themselves back in the marketplace after being with one employer for a long time. Private Notes of a Headhunter is an easy read and packed with a lot of great information. I value the direct, no bull approach to the subject, the real-life examples and wealth of experience Ken Heinzel provides … Very impressive!”

— Clyde Stutts, Ph.D, Executive Vice President, DHR International Executive Recruiters

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