Quick Healthy Cookbook: Juicing and Blood Type Recipes

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Quick Healthy Cookbook: Juicing and Blood Type Recipes The Quick Health Cookbook covers two distinctive diet plans, the juicing diet and the blood type diets. The juicing diet can be combined with the blood type diet, or can be used as a cleanse diet or a way to jump start weight loss. Each diet plan offers recipes that are packed with healthy nutritious ingredients helping you to make a good lifestyle change with your diet. There are enough recipes to plan a menu for at least a week in advance. There is also information about each diet plan covered in detail. The first section covers the juicing diet with these categories: Juicing Guide, What is Juicing, Benefits of Juicing, Helpful Tips to Simplify Juicing for Weight Loss, Delicious Juicing Recipes for Any Meal, and Juicing Diet Meal Plan. Here are a sampling of the recipes included: Pumpkin Pineapple Juice Recipe, V-8 Flavored Juice Recipe, Green Juice with a Hint of Sweetness Recipe, Go Green Spinach and Cucumber Juice Recipe, Pineapple and Kale Detoxifying Juice Recipe, Carrot and Cucumber Broccoli Juice Recipe, Coconut Mango Tropical Delight Juice Recipe, Beta Carotene Deluxe Juice Recipe, Kiwi Strawberry Energy Boosting Juice Recipe, Cucumber and Tomato Immune Boosting Juice Recipe, and Iron Packed Spinach Broccoli Juice Recipe. The second section of the book covers the blood type diet featuring recipes for blood type O, blood type A, blood type B, and blood type AB. Categories include How the Blood Type Affects Diet, and What the Opposition Says About Blood Type Diets. Here is a sampling of the included recipes: Cheese Ball with Herbs, Ginger Spice Cookies, Dinner Rolls, Rice Bread, Spicy Beets and Vegetables, Meatballs a la Turkey, CranNut Cake, Fried Chicken Steak, Tortilla Cracker Chips, Bagels, Savory Chicken and Wild Rice, and Risotto Tomato Rice.

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