Racin’ Flat Out for Christ – Spiritual Lessons from the World of Motorsports

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Racin’ Flat Out for Christ takes you into the garages to show how God works in the hearts of some of NASCAR’s most popular drivers.

You ll hear from 2011 Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne as he talks about the importance of getting his priorities straight before he won that race. You ll see how God used the outreach of the NASCAR community after a tornado in Texas to reach a soul for Christ. You ll learn about how close a group of drivers have become since getting involved in a Bible study together. And you will read stories about what God is doing in the garage to change lives. But most of all, you ll be challenged to race flat out for Christ in your own life.

Lee Warren has written six non-fiction books, including Inspiring Thoughts for Golfers and Fun Facts for Sports Lovers both published by Barbour Publishing, and hundreds of articles for publications such as Baptist Press Sports, Sharing the VICTORY magazine, Sports Spectrum magazine, Breakaway magazine, Decision magazine, Discipleship Journal, the U.S. Olympic Committee website, The Christian Post website, and many others. You can read more of his work by visiting leewarren.info.

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