EMF Health Alert #1 Guide for Reducing Electro-Magnetic Pollution in Your Home for Better Sleep, Better Focus, and Better Health. (Wireless Awareness)

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EMF Health Alert The #1 Guide for Reducing Electro-magnetic Pollution in your Home for Better Sleep, Better Focus, and Better Health.

EMF Health Alert is a reader friendly, easy to follow, “how to” guide, on eliminating the harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF) from wired and wireless devices in your home and workspace to create a healthier living environment. In today’s age of digital technology, we are constantly connected through our wireless devices to a world we cannot see, hear, or touch. We rely on cellphones, computers, tablets, IPads and many other electronic devices to get us through our daily lives. However with this new technology comes something our bodies have never experienced before, information carrying radio waves (ICRW). These are artificial microwaves that allow information to be delivered from one source to another. The problem is that these man-made microwaves cause harm to our bodies at the cellular level, and as a result create many negative health symptoms like headaches, tinnitus- ringing in the ears, insomnia, lack of focus, irritability, rashes, anxiety, and heart palpitations.

In this simple to follow guide, we make this information easy to understand; make the sources of radiation easy to find; and solutions easy to implement. This guide is intended for everyone, especially those who are interested in learning about the radio frequency (RF) radiation and dirty electricity that surrounds us today in our world of digital technologies.


INTRODUCTION: First Things First Invisible and Dangerous: Electromagnetic Radiation

Dirty Electricity and Why it’s Toxic

Shocking Truth with Proof

The International Warning

Big Money, Collusion, Pollution, and Your Life

The Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Epidemic

Everyday Zap Trap Hazards 

Cell Phones: Ear Sized Microwaves

Computers: Information with a Zap 

WiFi: Why Fry?

The “Bluetruth” About Bluetooth

Cordless Phones: A Risky Convenience

Compact Fluorescent Lights: Chronic Fatigue Lights

Smart Meters: The Silent Killer

SMART Appliances for Dummies 

Microwave Ovens: Zapping Nutrients is Only the Beginning

Additional Everyday Devices: Buyer Beware

Plasma TV’s: More Than Just a Picture

Circuit Breakers: Panels of Trouble  

Workplace Hazards 

Telecommunication Cell Sites: Blankets of RF Radiation 

WiFi in Schools: Education in a Microwave?

The Importance of Melatonin

The Miracle of Grounding


Some of the EMF’s in our lives are causing havac to our health. This EMF book provides simple solutions to reducing exposure to dirty electricity and microwave radiation. If you just take a few of the steps mentioned in this guide, you should feel a difference in your overall well being.

Start today to create a healthy home environment. Get your copy now.

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