Riddle Me This; A Worldwide Mystery/Thriller

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Excerpts From Riddle Me This

“It…it’s blood,” she stammered, turning the paper around so he could see it.

In fresh scarlet blood a message had been written on the page. More like just one word: NEVES

“Leave it,” Gregory commanded weakly, “Now Kyle… listen to me. Trust no one,” his breathing was labored and harsh. Gregory glanced over Kyle’s shoulder to look at one of the three friends standing behind Kyle, “Not… even…your closest friends.” He took one final ragged breath before falling into a slumber from which he would never awake.

Another gunshot went off and as Kyle turned to face the direction it came from, he saw his father sink to his knees, a hand covering a wound that was by his heart.

“Dad!” He rushed to his father’s side and caught him before he fell to the ground completely.

Many more thrills await you in

Riddle Me This

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